Dr. George Baloyra, D.C., B.S., C.S.C.S.Dr. George Baloyra

Doctor of Chiropractic

Clinic Director

Dr. George Baloyra grew up in a dance company owned by his mother and father. He danced and taught classes five days a week until the age of 14. During high school, Dr. Baloyra became interested in weight training and martial arts which lead to competing in weight lifting competitions. He became a personal trainer in 1982 and has trained numerous competitive tri-athletes, marathon runners and bodybuilders and other athletes, as well as many average people simply desiring to improve their health. Dr. Baloyra spent time working at supplement stores and learning about the nutritional benefits of supplements until eventually running his own vitamin and supplement company. Dr. Baloyra obtained a B.S. degree in finance from California State University, Hayward in 1986. He attended ROTC for the United States Air Force at the University of California, Berkeley graduating from pilot school in 1989. Eventually Dr. Baloyra became an instructor pilot in the Air Force before separating in 1995. Dr. Baloyra was placed in charge of developing fitness programs for the units he belonged to. During his pilot years in the Air Force, Dr. Baloyra severely injured his low back resulting in one herniated disc and two bulging disc. He couldn't stand, sit or walk for any distance due to intense pain. At the time, the Air Force did not offer chiropractic care and stated that his flying career was over and he would never lift weights again due to the severity of the injury. The medical doctors said surgery was the only option followed by a medical discharge from the Air Force. As a last resort and upon the recommendation of a friend, Dr. Baloyra decided to give chiropractic a try. To the disbelief of all the medical doctors involved, he returned to full health and resumed flying for an additional five years. But chiropractic had left an impression! Dr. Baloyra decided to separate from the Air Force, after his commitment was completed, and go back to school once again to become a doctor of chiropractic. His desire was to help people and change their lives as chiropractic did for him. He began his chiropractic practice in 1999 and has enjoyed personally creating and witnessing the same stories of miraculous recovery from his patient.

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